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4th Quarter 2015 - Featuring ASCO Numatics 501 Series Directional Control Valves, Gems Sensors 3100 Series Compact, High-Output Pressure Transducers, Gems Sensors Model PS61P Pressure Transmitters,Monnier High Flow Particulate and Coalescing Filters, Fairchild Pneumatic High Flow Back Pressure Regulators, NOSHOK 2200 Series Dual Display Digital Indicators, ASCO 8215 Series with Watertight, Hazardous Location DC Solenoid Operators, and Seametrics EX100/200-Series Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Sensors.

download fourth quarter 2015 newsletter pdf (1.2 MB)


4th Quarter 2014 - Featuring ASCO 068 Series Flapper Isolation Valves, Seametrics NSF-Certified Mechanical Flow Meter, Fairchild Rotork Fairchild High Pressure Precision Regulator (HPP), and Gems Sensors Single Float Fluid Transmitters for High-Accuracy Continuous Shallow Tank Monitoring.

download fourth quarter 2014 newsletter pdf (1 MB)

2nd Quarter 2014 - Featuring ASCO 212 SeriesComposite Solenoid Valves, Monnier Valver SandwichBlock and Manifold Mounted Regulators, Gems Sensors New Low Water Cutoff Devices, Fairchild Low Emission TXI7850 I/P Transducer, Gems Sensors New Open Thermistor Temperature Sensors, NOSHOK ATEX Approved Explosion Proof Pressure Transmitters, Seametrics WMX Series Flanged Magmeter, and ASCO 290 Series Motorized Angle Body Valves.

download second quarter 2014 newsletter pdf (1 MB)

1st Quarter 2014 - Featuring ASCO 8290 Actuated Globe Valve Assembly; Gems Sensors PS41 Series Pressure Switch; Fairchild Model 17 Vacuum Regulator; National Basic Sensor Heavy-Duty Thermocouple; ASCO 8210 Series 2-Way Solenoid Valves; Seametrics iMAG-Series NSF 61-G Magmeter; NOSHOK 400/500 Series All Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges; and Monnier 101-3000 Miniature Regulator

download first quarter 2014 newsletter pdf (942 KB)


4th Quarter 2013 - Featuring ASCO Light Weight Miniature Solenoid Valves; Seametrics FT500-Series Batch Controllers; Gems Sensors Level Transmitters for Shallow Tank Applications; NOSHOK Solutions for Pump Shutoff Protection; ASCO Next Generation Series Valves with Expanded Voltage Range; Hedland’s Easy-to-Use EZ-View®; ASCO Low-Power Solenoid Valve Series; and Warrick DF Series Liquid Level Controls

download Fourth quarter 2013 newsletter pdf (1.1 MB)

3rd Quarter 2013 - Featuring ASCO Numatics 503 Series High Flow Rate Directional Control Valves; Gems Sensors CAP-300 Coolant Sensors; Fairchild High Pressure Precision Regulators; Nation Basic Sensors Cuttable RTDs; NOSHOK Vapor Actuated Remote Thermometers; Seametrics IP80-Series Insertion Paddlewheeel Flow Sensors; and Gems Sensors CT-1000 Potentiometric Sensors.

download Third quarter 2013 newsletter pdf (975 KB)

2nd Quarter 2013 - Featuring ASCO Numatics 298 Series Steam Valves; Monnier Stainless Steel Air Prep Products; NOSHOK 820/821 Series Digital Temperature Indicator; Numatics Versatile Push-to-Connect Fittings; Gems Sensors & Controls New CAP-100 Series Capacitive Level Sensor; Fairchild Industrial Products Model 2000 Pneumatic Volume Booster; and Seametrics EX80-Series Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Sensor

download second quarter 2013 newsletter pdf (950 KB)

1st Quarter 2013 - Featuring ASCO 8212 Composite Valves; Seametrics PE102 Low Flow Magmeter; Fairchild 24XFM Motor Driven Pneumatic Regulators; Gems Sensors DIPTAPE Indicators; NBS Thermocouples; NOSHOK10 Series Heavy-Duty Sanitary Gauges; and Monnier High Flow Particulate and Coalescing Filters.

download first quarter 2013 newsletter pdf (996 KB)


4th Quarter 2012 - Featuring ASCO 8256 Subminiature 2-Way Solenoid Valves; Seametrics FT400 Series Flow Indicators; Fairchild Model 4100A Low Pressure Regulators; Warrick Series 26M Low Water Cutoff Plugin Modules; Gems Sensors Suresite Plastic Visual Level Indicators; NBS Thermowells; Numatics Modular FRLs; and NOSHOK 600 Series HIgh Accuracy Process Gauges. Also: OUR ANNUAL CALENDAR GIVEAWAY (ends Nov 30, 2012)

download fourth quarter 2012 newsletter pdf (1.1 MB)

2nd Quarter 2012 - Featuring ASCO 8314 3-Way Direct Acting General Service Solenoid Valves; Monnier Valve Sandwich Block and Manifold Mounted Regulators; Fairchild Model 72 High Performance Miniature Regulators; Gem Sensors 3300 Series Pressure Transducers; and NOSHOK 100 Series ABS Dry Gauges.

download second quarter 2012 newsletter pdf (624 KB)

1st Quarter 2012 - Featuring ASCO 8262-8263 General Service Solenoid Valves; NOSHOK Polymer Diaphragm Seals; Fairchild Back Pressure Pneumatic Boosters; Gem Sensors Side Mount Level Switches; National Basic Sensor NabaPak® Thermocouples; and Seametrics S-Series Low Flow Meters.

download first quarter 2012 newsletter pdf (548 KB)




4th Quarter 2011 - Featuring ASCO Versatile Angle Body Piston Valves; Monnier Air Prep Products; NOSHOK Voltage Output Pressure Transducers; and Gems High Precision Magnetostrictive Level Sensors

download fourth quarter 2011 newsletter pdf  (684 kb)


3rd Quarter 2011 - Featuring ASCO Modular Fuel Gas Shut-Off Valves; SeaMetrics Water Meters; Fairchild Electro-Pneumatic Pressure Controllers; NBS Cuttable RTDs; Gems Sensors No-Moving-Parts Thermal Dispersion Flow Switches; and NOSHOK Liquid Filled Brass Gauges

download third quarter 2011 newsletter pdf (736 KB)


2nd Quarter 2011 - Featuring ASCO High-Flow, Extended-Life Steam and Hot Water Solenoid Valves; Monnier Stainless Steel Coalescing Filters; Fairchild Precision Stainless Steel Fuel Control Regulators; National Basic Sensor Heavy-Duty Thermocouples; Gems Sensors Rugged Electro-Optic Level Sensors; and NOSHOK Shock Resistant Gauges.

download second quarter 2011 newsletter pdf (624 KB)



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