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Our Suppliers


asco valvesASCO is a leader in the manufacture of quality fluid control products such as RedHat solenoid valves, miniature valves, fuel gas and oil products, and redundant control systems. ASCO products are designed to control the flow of air, gas, water, oil and steam.

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ASCO Power Technologies

asco power technologiesPower transfer switches, specialty transfer switches, power control systems, power monitoring and controls, industrial controls including lighting control and specialty products, remote control switches, gas panels and surge suppressors.


Dwyer Instruments

dwyer instrumentsA leader in the controls and instrumentation industry, Dwyer offers established brand names such as the Magnehelic® differential pressure gages, Photohelic® pressure switch/gages, Rate Master® flowmeters, and Hi-Flow® valves.



ellis kuhnkeEllis Kuhnke Controls manufactures a complete line of primarily pneumatic control devices including pneumatic timers, indicators, counters, valves, cylinders, regulators, rotary actuators and various fittings.



fairchildFairchild's wide selection satisfies your instrument or industrial control applications. Fairchild pneumatic regulators are available as: precision pressure regulators, back pressure regulators, miniature regulators, filter service regulators, precision stainless steel regulators, motorized regulators, low pressure regulators and specialty regulators.

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noshok type 5 diaphragm sealFlairline offers a complete range of high quality, round body pneumatic cylinders from ½" through 4" bore, low friction standard, non-rotating torque products, stainless steel cylinders, rod lock cylinders, pneumatic slides, and NFPA standard interchangeable product lines. Flairline also features a durable line of NFPA standard tie rod pneumatic cylinders in 1-1/2" through 10" bores with every option for your application. Flairline also offers a multi-optioned, industry standard line of flow control and check valves, panel mounted, and swivel mounted valves.


Flow Lin

flow linPrimary flow elements and a complete line of flow accessories for clients in relevant industries such as petroleum, chemicals, water treatment, and generating plants.

Gems Sensors & Controls

noshok type 5 diaphragm sealGems Sensors & Controls is a leading manufacturer of level switch products, pressure switches, pressure transducers, flow switches, miniature solenoid valves, proximity switches and liquid level control units for use in a broad range of fluids across industry. Gems products feature an ever-expanding selection of fluidic and pressure sensing technologies.

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hedlandHedland manufactures over 7,000 different variable area flow meters for oil, water, air and other liquids and gases. In addition to variable area flow measurement, Hedland offers turbine flow meters for hydraulic fluids, turbines for water, and positive displacement flow meters for high-viscosity fluids.


joucomaticAsco Joucomatic fluid power components to fulfil all your requirments for automation. A leading force in fluid power technology, the Asco Joucomatic range includes solenoid valves, process valves, piston valves for water, air and steam, pneumatic ISO cylinders, rodless cylinders, grippers, modular valves, filters, regulators, lubricators and more.



kuhnkeKuhnke manufactures a wide range of pneumatics, electromechanical solenoids and electronics used in automation. The Kuhnke range includes both standard components and special customized devices that integrate electronics with pneumatics and solenoids.

Love Controls

love controlsFull line of industrial controls including pressure gages, manometers, pressure-switches, transmitters, flowmeters, flow-switches, pitot tubes, anemometers, air velocity instruments, level-Switches, temperature-controllers, thermocouples, RT's, and valves.


Micro Switch

micro switchMicro Switch, a division of Honeywell, is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of solid-state and electromechanical switches, sensors and manual controls.


Monnier is an air pressure specialist offering pneumatic filters, regulators, lubricators, modular FRLs, drains, oil-coalescing filters, pressure gauges and more.

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National Basic Sensor

national basic sensorNational Basic Sensor designs, builds, calibrates, manufactures, and documents a complete line of thermocouples and RTDs, from single elements to complex temperature measurement systems.

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Neptuneneptune flow meters

Neptune products have a well-desrved reputation for reliabilty and long service life. Neptune flow meters are specially designed to provide unsurpassed service in the most demanding measurement applications.



noshokPressure, level, temperature and force measurement instruments; needle and manifold valves; transducers, transmitters, gauges and valves.

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Numatics Inc. is a leading provider of pneumatic valves, air cylinders, control systems, air preparation components and many other products to improve industrial automation.

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seametricsHigh-value flow meters and controls. Their flow meter product family includes electronic turbine flow meters; economical and highly accurate mechanical low-flow meters; electromagnetic meters including insertion, spool, and low-flow chemical resistant mag meters; and a variety of flow meter controls and displays.

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s m cSMC provides a broad range of pneumatic and electric automation equipment, including air cylinders, grippers, slide tables, solenoid valves, fittings, tubing, air preparation equipment, dryers, and high purity products.



taylorDepend on Taylor for flexible, workplace tough solutions that respond to daily concerns of the demanding industrial environment...where precise temperature measurement is critical. Taylor products are engineered with safeguards against moisture damage, vibration, chemical attack… and designed to prevent reading error and installation hassle.



noshok type 5 diaphragm sealFor over 50 years Warrick® Controls have offered dependable no-moving-parts control and monitoring of conductive liquids. Now as part of the Gems™ Sensors family, Warrick® conductivity controls continue to offer reliability, process automation, labor savings, flexibility and operator safety at economical cost.

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noshok type 5 diaphragm sealWatts designs, manufactures and sells an extensive line of flow control products for the water quality, residential plumbing and heating, commercial and OEM markets. Setting the standard in valve technology, backflow prevention devices, water quality, plumbing and heating.



noshok type 5 diaphragm sealWilkerson manufactures and markets a complete line of compressed air treatment components and control products. These include filters, regulators and lubricators, air dryers, separators, drains and other components used in air preparation. Their quality products meet a wide variety of industrial, process, consumer and health care applications.


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